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Hollywood Bowl Essential Tee - Unisex

Hollywood Bowl Essential Tee - Unisex

Auburn Cooler Bag

Auburn Cooler Bag

Orange Blossom Cooler Bag

This stylish large cooler bag will make packing for your next picnic at the Hollywood Bowl, beach day or road trip a breeze! Two separate zipped compartments give you lots of space for your drinks of choice and all of your food. The insulated and water-resistant lining will keep everything cold, and the super strong handle means you won’t have to skimp on your favorite treats (or wine!)
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Adjustable shoulder strap
Thick sturdy carry handle
Two compartments with zip closures for easy food separation
Material: Polyester canvas with insulated lining
Rubber lined base with metal feet for extra protection
Size: L 13.78" x H 15.75" x D 10.24"
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