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Hollywood Bowl 1970 Print

Hollywood Bowl 1970 Print

John Williams Poster - Blue

John Williams Poster - Blue

Hollywood Bowl 100 Jazz Poster

This limited edition Hollywood Bowl Jazz Festival poster was created by LA based artist Amani Washington, sister of critically acclaimed jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington. The design behind this poster was inspired by combining the different elements, and often overlooked details, of the jazz era and lifestyle. From the shoe spats depicting the jazz attire of the times and the Billie Holiday flower that references her unique style of singing; to the clarinet and flute leading to the Bowl to remind us of the long road jazz has endured throughout history, and the lasting impact it has made on countless people and music genres all over the world. Amani says about this intricate piece "Something interesting about music and art is that it's raw talent that inspires people to believe in themselves. Even though you do different things, it’s the same process and the intention is made in a positive way."
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2022 Hollywood Bowl Jazz Festival exclusive poster
Design by LA based artist Amani Washington
Hollywood Bowl 100th anniversary souvenir
Frame and mat not included
Size 18" x 24"
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