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Balancing Blocks - Ocean

Balancing Blocks - Ocean

Nocturne Music Box

With a turn to the oversized metal key, the musical movement inside this Mozartkugel music box brings to life ‘Nocturne’ from Chopin. This playful wind-up music box is trimmed by hand into their perfect ball shape by master wood turners. Manual sanding, polishing and then covered several times in semigloss lacquer give each musical box it’s luscious finish.
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Playful wind-up music box that plays Chopin's Nocturne
Comes in a beautiful gift box
Dimensions: 3.62" x 5.51"
Material: Solid oak wood lacquered in black semi-matte and black key

OPUS 9, No. 2, ES-DUR 12/8
Frédéric Chopin, 1832
Playing time: approx. 2 minutes
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