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Glass: Symphony No.8 (CD)

Glass: Symphony No.8 (CD)

Brooklyn Rider Plays Philip Glass: String Quartets Nos.6 & 7 (2 CDs)

Brooklyn Rider Plays Philip Glass: String Quartets Nos.6 & 7 (2 CDs)

Philip Glass/Kronos Quartet: Dracula (VINYL)

Philip Glass’s 1998 score to the 1931 film DRACULA on 180 gram black vinyl. Glass chose to compose a score for Tod Browning’s 1931 Dracula because it never had an original score. He composed the work for string quartet to evoke an ancient sound and wrote specifically for Kronos Quartet.
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Double LP, 180 gram black vinyl, gatefold jacket
Music by Philip Glass and Kronos Quartet
Mastered by Michael Riesman

Track Listing
1. Dracula
2. Journey to the Inn
3. The Inn
4. The Crypt
5. Carriage Without a Driver
6. The Castle
7. The Drawing Room
8. "Excellent, Mr Renfield"
9. The Three Consorts of Dracula
10. The Storm
11. Horrible Tragedy
12. London Fog
13. In the Theatre
14. Lucy's Bitten
15. Seward Sanatorium
16. Renfield
17. In His Cell
18. When the Dream Comes
19. Dracula Enters
20. Or a Wolf
21. Women in White
22. Renfield in the Drawing Room
23. Dr. Van Helsing and Dracula
24. Mina on the Terrace
25. Mina's Bedroom/The Abbey
26. The End of Dracula
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