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Du Yun: Dinosaur Scar (CD)

Du Yun: Dinosaur Scar (CD)

David Byrne: American Utopia on Broadway (Vinyl)

David Byrne: American Utopia on Broadway (Vinyl)

Daniel Bjarnason: Over Light Earth (CD)

This is the Icelandic multi award-winning composer’s second solo-album and third release on Bedroom Community, hot on the heels of his SÓLARIS collaboration with labelmate Ben Frost.

Bjarnason’s critically acclaimed debut album Processions was hailed by Time Out NY as ‘coming eerily close to defining classical music’s undefinable brave new world’. On Over Light Earth the intensity of Bjarnason’s orchestral voice is captured through meticulous close-miking and multitracking, a recording process that sets this recording radically apart from that of conventional orchestral recordings.
$25.99 Subscriber Price: $23.39
Label: Bedroom Community
Format: CD
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 10/1/2013
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