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  1. Iveta Apkalna: Bach & Glass: Organ Works (2 CDs)

    Bach meets Glass! Iveta Apkalna has selected a more than unusual program for this CD, a selection of Bach organ works contrasted by the complete organ works of Philip Glass. To listen to J.S. Bachs organ works in the context of the music of Philip Glass is to be made suddenly aware of the importance, not of the differences, but of the similarities between them.
  2. Iveta Apkalna: Light & Dark (VINYL)

    The Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, the city's glittering new landmark, opened in January 2017. 'Light & Dark' is the world's first recording of a solo organ recital in the Grand Hall. Featuring a range of appealing contemporary works, the album showcases the wide tonal spectrum of the Elbphilharmonie's organ. Built by the Bonn-based firm Klais, the organ is an instrument of superlatives. 4,765 pipes extend over five rows of seats, their lengths ranging from just eleven millimeters to an imposing ten meters. Thanks to the very open structure of the hall's ''white skin'' around the organ, audiences can actually look inside the instrument and some of the pipes have been coated such that they can be touched without leaving any marks. The organ fits perfectly into the spectacular architecture and has a very impressive sound. ''There's nothing this organ can't do,'' Iveta Apkalna enthused. ''It's warm and rich, with many beautiful fundamental tones that sound from everywhere, and from the depths. The sound embraces the audience.''

    With its modern selection of repertoire, seemingly tailor-made for both the organist and the instrument, the album compellingly draws listeners into a fascinating world of sound. At the heart of the recording is the work that gives the album its name Sofia Gubaidulina's 'Light and Darkness', a piece of great extremes that penetrates every fiber of the body. Two composers, Aivars Kalejs and Lucija Garuta, hail from the organist's native Latvia, and the album also includes works by Leo Janacek, Gyorgy Ligeti, Dmitri Shostakovich, and Thierry Escaich. Iveta Apkalna has made an album that brings to life the qualities of this organ with a modern and extremely diverse selection of works. Iveta Apkalna is one of the world's most famous organists and, as titular organist, knows the Elbphilharmonie instrument like no other musician. She is fully committed to seeing the glittering beauty of the organ better represented in concert halls. Iveta Apkalna is a cultural ambassador of Latvia and dedicates this album to her country.
  3. Cameron Carpenter: All You Need is Bach (CD)

    All You Need is Bach is an irresistible collection of Bach works, using the unique capabilities of Cameron Carpenter's International Touring Organ - the only organ of its kind in existence.
  4. Cameron Carpenter: Cameron Live! (CD Box Set)

    This live DVD/CD set features works by Bach and Carpenter.
  5. Cameron Carpenter: Revolutionary (CD)

    "If I had to play the organ like they teach you to play it, like they want you to play it in the conservatory and the church, I'd go mad. I'd take up the electric guitar. Or law," opined Cameron Carpenter. On this 2008 debut album, Carpenter takes on a few organ standards, such as the Prelude and Fugue in B major by Marcel Dupré and a moving chorale-prelude by Bach. However, when he deviates from the repertoire, things get more interesting, including his take on Chopin’s Etude in C Minor (the album’s namesake), “The Revolutionary.”
  6. Cameron Carpenter - Rachmaninoff: Rhapsody (CD)

    The smasher of cultural and classical music taboos (LA Times) is releasing here his first recording with orchestra. Rachmaninoff's famous Paganini variations arranged for organ and orchestra by Cameron Carpenter himself. The album was recorded on the International Touring Organ, together with the Konzerthausorchester Berlin and Christoph Eschenbach. A virtuoso composer-performer unique among keyboardists, Cameron's approach to the organ is smashing the stereotypes of organists and organ music while generating a level of acclaim, exposure, and controversy unprecedented for an organist. His repertoire from the complete works of J. S. Bach and Cesar Franck, to his hundreds of transcriptions of non-organ works, his original compositions, and his collaborations with jazz and pop artists is perhaps the largest and most diverse of any organist. He is the first organist ever nominated for a GRAMMY® Award for a solo album.
  7. Cameron Carpenter: If You Could Read My Mind (2 CDs)

    If You Could Read My Mind is Cameron Carpenter's debut recording on his International Touring Organ, an instrument built to his very own specifications using digitized sounds from instruments across the globe.

    The repertoire on If You Could Read My Mind features classical favorites known worldwide as well as famous pop songs from the 1960's and 1970's including "Alfie" by Burt Bacharach, "Sisters of Mercy" by Leonard Cohen and the title track by Gordon Lightfoot. The album also includes the world premiere recording of "Music for an Imaginary Film" composed by the artist. If You Could Read My Mind includes a bonus DVD that features six full performances on the new touring organ plus an informational piece about the organ with interview footage, Cameron Carpenter Birth of the International Touring Organ.
  8. The Walt Disney Concert Hall Organ DVD and CD Set

    Immerse yourself in this narrated history of the extraordinary Walt Disney Concert Hall pipe organ, which features interviews with architect Frank Gehry, tonal designer Manuel Rosales, and organ builder Caspar von Glatter-Götz. Accompanying CD includes 13 organ works played by 6 organists from the Los Angeles area.
  9. Messiaen: Livre du Saint Sacrement (2 CDs)

    Livre du Saint-Sacrement (The Book of the Blessed Sacrament) is Messiaen's last and longest organ work, a thematic cycle based on the sacrament of Communion comprising eighteen movements, many based on his recorded improvisations, arranged into three thematic groups. Hailed for his prodigious technique, vivid interpretive imagination and charismatic showmanship, Paul Jacobs is widely acknowledged for reinvigorating the American organ scene with a fresh performance style and 'an unbridled joy of music-making' (Baltimore Sun). He has performed the complete organ works of Olivier Messiaen in nine-hour marathons in eight American cities.


9 Item(s)