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Classic Rock Mistaken Lyrics Coaster Set

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Ever been caught dad-rocking your restored Trans-Am past a hotel in California? It's not about getting the lyrics right, it's about the feeling, man. Embrace that feeling! Rock it out.

This classic rock themed coaster set includes six unique mistaken lyrics etched on 4" natural cork squares. Set includes the following lyrics:

on a dark desert highway
cool whip in my hair
- Hotel California

got mud on your face
you big disgrace
kicking your cat
all over the place
- We Will Rock You

i’ll never leave
your pizza burnin’
- Beast of Burden

i wanna hold your ham
i wanna hold your ham
i wanna hold your ham
- I Want to Hold Your Hand

there’s a bathroom on the right
- Bad Moon Rising

i’ve got
two chickens to paralyze
- Two Tickets to Paradise
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