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  • Toro y Moi: Outer Peace (CD) Toro y Moi: Outer Peace (CD)

Toro y Moi: Outer Peace (CD)

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Quick Overview

This Toro Y Moi album, Outer Peace, was written and recorded in the Bay Area after Chaz's return from a one year stint in Portland. It is somewhat of a homecoming celebration, filled with features by friends and saturated with a playfulness that had not previously been embraced in past Toro albums. With Outer Peace, Chaz showcases his ability to remain on the cutting edge of music's evolution while not taking himself too seriously. There are contemporary hip hop references mixed in with funk, Eurodance and ambient elements, all interwoven expertly and retaining that quintessential Toro Y Moi aesthetic. Outer Peace is the most recent step along Toro Y Moi's journey, promising the listener a little slice of insight into the complex and dynamic mind of Chaz Bear.
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Format: Audio CD
Release Date: January 18, 2019
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Carpark Records

Track Listing
1. Fading
2. Ordinary Pleasure
3. Laws of the Universe
4. Miss Me (Feat. Abra)
5. New House
6. Baby Drive It Down
7. Freelance
8. Who I Am
9. Monte Carlo (feat. WET)
10. 50-50 (feat. Instupendo)