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  • Sibelius Orchestral Works: An Owner's Manual Sibelius Orchestral Works: An Owner's Manual

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Sibelius Orchestral Works: An Owner's Manual

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Sibelius The Orchestral Works An Owner's Manual considers over 80 individual orchestral pieces, from songs and choruses to symphonies, tone poems, overtures, and theatrical music. Along the way, readers are invited to identify and enjoy the fascinating mix of elements that make up Sibelius's colorful personal idiom. Two CDs accompanying the text offer not only a rich selection of music by Sibelius, including two complete symphonies and two of his most popular tone poems, but also a representative selection of the best Finnish music by his contemporaries and successors. This approach offers a unique opportunity: to hear Sibelius in context and gain an understanding of exactly what distinguishes him from his contemporaries, how he influenced later generations, and how it was that he came to be viewed as the musical spokesperson of an entire nation.
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Format: Paperback | 256 pages
Dimensions: 152.4 x 223.5 x 17.8mm
Publication date: 15 Mar 2007 Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation