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Rock and Roll It Rainbow Piano

Rock out with this colorful piano pad that you can bring with you everywhere, even outdoors! Simply roll it back up into your bag after the performance! The 49 rainbow color coded keys makes it easy to play tons of music without taking up the space of a large piano or keyboard.
Features multiple keyboard tones and demo songs, record & playback, built-in speaker with volume control, and audio output. Powered by batteries or USB (cord included) so you can play anytime without waiting. Makes a great gift for birthdays and holidays. Perfect for everyone from beginner to master, children to adults - rock out then roll it up!
$60.00 Subscriber Price: $54.00
Rock out, then roll it up!
Triple Award winning, flexible, completely portable piano with 49 colorful keys
Includes a classic piano, USB power cord, and user manual
Batteries: 4x AAA (not included)
Keyboard Size (open): 27.75"x5"x1" inches
Materials: Silicone, plastic
Ages 6+
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