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Music & Sentiment

The Music Lesson

The Music Lesson

Jazz Piano Chord Book

The handy and compact layout of this convenient chord book allows you to quickly and easily find the chord you are looking for. Its layout of the almost innumerable harmonic variations of each piano chord, as well as the great reference system for substitutions and related chords, makes this book invaluable for any pianist looking to expand their harmonic horizons.

It is not only a reference guide, though. The lengthy introduction explores what jazz harmony is, how chord variations and voicings contribute to it, and how knowing them can enhance your playing incomparably. With sections for chords built from every root note, divided into major, minor, dominant, diminished and augmented, this book is not comprehensive but is as close to that as you can get. The infinite different ways of voicing each chord are condensed into the most popular and musically interesting, so you'll be able to use The Jazz Piano Chord Book to help you improvise with other musicians in an inventive way, or just to comp with other players competently.
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Format: Spiralbound
Width: 5.0"
Length: 12.0"
154 pages
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