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Playable Art Ball

Playable Art Ball

Red Electric Keyboard

Red Electric Keyboard

Musical Instrument Sound Puzzle

Eight musical instrument wooden puzzle pieces lie sleepily on their wooden board until kids pick up a piece and unleash the music. As puzzle pieces are placed correctly in the puzzle board, matching the instrument on the pieces with the instruments on the board, the puzzle makes the realistic sounds of the specific instrument! All the while, kids are learning to associate the particular sound with the instrument that makes it.

The instant reward of placing each piece correctly motivates kids and inspires them to place pieces over and over again. In addition to teaching instrument sound association, this puzzle also helps build fine motor skills, problem-solving, and independent play.
$18.95 Subscriber Price: $17.05
Size: 8.5 x 1.3 x 12 inches
Age: 4 years to 4 years
The puzzle may also be used as a silent peg puzzle but will immediately turn into a sound puzzle as two AAA batteries (not included) are inserted.
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