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The Mahler Symphonies (Book)

The Mahler Symphonies (Book)

200 Words to Help You Talk about Philosophy (Book)

200 Words to Help You Talk about Philosophy (Book)

Sound: Shhh...Bang...POP...BOOM! (Book)

An award-winning visual tour of the world of sound. Intriguing, informative, and endlessly fascinating, a book that makes visible that which we otherwise only hear and feel as vibrations: SOUND.
A remarkable fusion of the scientific exploration of the phenomenon of sound with a philosophic reflection on its nature that will appeal to inquisitive children, as well as adults, looking to learn more about science and nature. Whether it's hearing noise, music, speech . . . or silence, no one will come away from these pages without experiencing sound with new ears and a fresh understanding.
$19.99 Subscriber Price: $17.99
Stunning visual sophistication and compelling infographics will appeal to adults as well as children.
A perfect book for educators to share with children interested in STEM topics
Hardcover: 64 pages
ISBN: 9781452179780
Reading age:? 8-12 years
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